Top 5 portable LED pico projectors you may know

Top 5 portable LED pico projectors you may know

Are you looking for a LED pico projector?

What function or effect of the projection image are you expecting for the LED pico projectors?

Are you care about the budget, brightness or native resolution?

No matter whatever are you expecting the LED pico projectors can do for you, there are the cheapest projector, the more brightness, higher native resolution LED pico projector you can find in the market. Here we are going to share some pico projectors may match your requirement.

1. ELEPHAS the cheapest and best seller Portable LED pico projector

The ELEPHAS portable LED pico projector is advertised as 1000 lumens. The size is only 183 x 143 x 72 mm which is smaller than your IPad Mini, and 898g weight. Its native resolution is only 800 x 480P supported 1080P / 720P. Aspect ration 16:9.


As its 800×480 native resolution and advertised 1000 lumens, the projector is watchable in a dark room. Even if the ELEPHAS projector supports 130-inch projection, you can watch the letters only in a small size. This projector is a good Christmas gifts when you can accept its low native resolution because it cost only less than 60 pounds. Check for more reviews of the projector.

Dell S300W white dots fix or replace a projector

Dell S300W white dots fix or replace a projector

Dell S300W white dot appear on screen

Dell S300W DLP projector owned for 5 years ago, and now you have white dots or black spots on screen? What happen your Dell DLP projector? Some users find the white dots appearing one day, and the quantity is increased day by day. They can see nothing one day, and have to google it for a solution. Some people even take it to the local projector center to ask for a repairing. But unfortunately,  you have to pay at least 200 pounds to have it done.

What is the solution to fix Dell S300w white dots

No worry. IProjectorlamps.co.uk offer solution

Dell S300W is a short throw  wireless projector. Up to 2200 lumens with WXGA 1280*800 NATIVE RESOLUTION. A DLP & Brilliant color technology. Here are the solution to fix the Dell S300W white dots on screen.

  1. To replace a new DMD Chip

    If your DLP Dell S300W projector has white dots or black spots on screen, a new TI DLP chip or called DMD chip has to replaced. Here are some place you can order the dmd chip for Dell S300W.

IProjectorlamps.co.uk DMD Chip for Dell S300W

Amzon DMD chip for Dell S300W

If you are ordering the chip for Dell S300w from IProjectorlamps.co.uk, we offer free worldwide shipping. Order from amazon, you can order only to USA.

     2. Replace a new similar projector

If you don’t know how to replace a new DMD chip for Dell S300W, we don’t suggest to bring it to a projector repairing center to fix it. It is not worth to do that. Because the total fee of dmd chip and repairing fee may cost is almost $500 or even more. The smart choice to fix the issue is to replace your whole projector and sell your used one on ebay or elsewhere. Check bellow of some projector which is similar to the Dell S300w feature. It should be as close as replacing a new DMD chip budget from a projector repair center.

  • Optoma HD141X projector
    Optoma HD141X projector

    The Optoma HD141X is a good replacement of your Dell S300W projector which sells only $549.00 at US amazon. Check for the price . And £429.99 at UK amazon. Check for the price. The Optoma HD141X is a full 3D with 1080P and incredible 23000:1 contrast projector. It is build with 3000 ansi lumens which is much better for Dell S300W.

InFocus IN120a Series projector DMD Chip

InFocus IN120a Series projector DMD Chip

InFocus IN120a Series

The InFocus IN120a series projectors include IN122a, IN124a and IN126a three different native resolution projectors. These models are using the same projector lamp which is 240 wattage only and provide 3500 lumens brightness. As its Osram lamp technology, the lamp of SP-LAMP-087 can last 7,000 hours as InFocus advertised.

These three models are designed with different native resolution. So they are using three different TI technology dmd chips.  If your InFocus projector is having white dots or black spots on screen, be attention to purchase a new correct chip. Never use a IN122a chip to install it in IN116a model. Because they are not the same.

in120a projector

(800 x 600)

(1024 x 768)

(1280 x 800)

How does the InFocus IN120a DMD chip looks

Even if these three IN120a series are using different dmd chips, but the size of the chip looks very similar. They are same gold color and even the same size. We sometimes may install the wrong chip to the projector. As soon as you have the new chip on hand, you have to read the chip number that is printed on the chip and compare to your original one. If you found the starting four numbers and the end letter are the same as your original chip, you can replace your original chip without doubt. If not, we suggest you contact your vendor to confirm the compatibility.