Projector White Dots and dead pixels on projector screen

We were asked can a projector with dead pixels be fixed by replacing a part and something like projector white dots, black spots questions these years. And yes, this trouble can be fixed by replacing a small part and main technical part. The only thing you have to replace is the DMD Chip or called DLP chip.

Why projector DMD Chip?

If your projector is DLP technology, you may face white dots or black spots error one day as your projector last over 4 years. The white dots or black spots is a common error for all the DLP projectors or DLP TVs. is here to provide all projectors DMD chips for the worldwide customers by free shipping.

Please note, different brand or model of projectors are using different DMD Chip or DLP chip. Even if one letter of our listing models is different from your projector model, it may use different DMD chip. If your projector model is not in our listing, please contact us for detail for the correct DMD chip. Please don’t buy a similar model chip, that may be a different chip.

Please contact before making purchase a replacement projector DMD chip or contact if you need any help.

Bellow it is the list of the DMD Chip for each brand and projector models. Find your projector number on the list to purchase.

Order by projector model is one of the professional projector DMD chip, DLP chip suppliers. And we helped thousands of DLP projector or DLP TV user to fix white dots or black spots on the screen. team are familiar with all kinds of DLP projectors. If your DLP projector had white dots or black spots, and can not find the correct chip to fix it, we are here to help you find the right one.

All the DMD Chip we stock are original new TI manufactured chip which comes with 90 days warranty. A new chip will run estimated 4-6 years. No worry about having a compatible or generic chip. Because there is only one manufacturer can produce the chip in the work. That is TI technology. For now, there is no one can copy their chip.

How long can the new projector DMD Chip last?

It is hard to calculate the estimated life of a new DMD Chip. Because there are many factors affected the real life of the chip.

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