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We know it is complicated to control your projector when your original projector remote is broken or lost in somewhere. Without the projector remote, you have to climb up to stop the projector when it is celled on wall. Without the remote, it take more time to setting your projector… here is the largest projector remote vendor in the world. We provide original quality projector remote for all brands of projectors. Buy a remote from our online store, we will ship you by international mail with free shipping. No extra fee.

However, if you still have your original projector remote on handle, but find it is not work? Test your remote before buying a new one. To test your remote, it is very simple. The only tool you need to have is your phone camera. Just open you phone camera, and find the projector remote signal LED light on top of it. Point it to the phone camera. Press any key of the remote. Check whether you can find light flashing. If yes, your original remote is working. Then you may check your projector signal receiver. If not light flash, check the battery or take the battery off and install it again to confirm it was installed correctly.

After testing your original remote, and confirm it is broken, you may buy a new replacement projector remote at our store. Please check the following tab to find your projector brand, and models. However, if your model is not listed bellow, feel free to contact us via email and forward your original remote picture. We may help you get a new one.

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